Nouveau centre logistique

A new logistics centre for the Sorelec Group!


After several months' work, the Sorelec Group is proud to announce that its new logistics centre is now operational!

Located in Les Achards, in the Vendée region, this new facility marks a significant step forward for the Group, strengthening its ability to serve its customers efficiently to meet storage and supply security requirements.

This opening is accompanied by the creation of a new company named GS Logistics, specialized in logistics management and the flow of goods.


Advanced tools

This new logistics centre is equipped with the latest technology in stock management, shipment tracking and process automation, and aims to speed up order processing operations while optimising delivery times. The Sorelec Group has acquired the most efficient technological equipment for the operation of this new site: Forklifts, portable scanners, logistics optimization software...

Improved storage capacity

With a surface area of over 4,000 cubic metres, this logistics centre offers considerably greater storage capacity than previous facilities. This will enable Sorelec Group entities to optimise the management of goods flows, provide better product availability and be more responsive to customer requirements.

Commitment to sustainability

The Sorelec Group has not only focused on operational efficiency, but also on environmental sustainability. The new logistics centre has been designed with the highest environmental standards in mind, incorporating energy-efficient solutions and responsible waste management practices. This approach aligns the Group with growing concerns about sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

Strengthening the supply chain

With this new logistics centre in Les Achards, the Sorelec Group is strengthening its supply chain by bringing all its logistics together on a single site, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of its services to customers. The centre's proximity to major transport routes (sea, road, rail and air) will also facilitate shipments to different regions of the country and beyond.

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